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Andorra inaugurates the long Tibetan Bridge of Canillo

Javier Forero

The minimalist structure, at 1,875 meters above sea level, is one of the longest and most spectacular suspension bridges for pedestrians on the planet at 603 meters in length.

Inaugurated one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the Pyrenees

Vertigo proof. Andorra defies heights with the construction of the Canillo Tibetan Bridge, a minimalist walkway located at an altitude of 1,875 meters that flies over one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the country of the Pyrenees: the River Valley. The Canillo Tibetan Bridge opens to the public this Thursday and becomes the second longest in the world with a length of 603 metres. The unique mid-air walkway links the two ends of the valley with a one-meter-wide pedestrian-only walkway that soars above the river and the ground from a dizzying height of up to 158 meters.

Canillo Tibetan Bridge

You have to pay a ticket for the Tibetan bridge of Canillo and the Roc del Quer viewpoint

The Canillo Tibetan Bridge will open to the public from Thursday with two consecutive days of open doors. Visitors will also have to reserve their ticket through the website or at the Parish Tourist Office. Starting next Saturday, June 11, the River Valley walkway will be paid for, as will the Roc del Quer viewpoint (viewpoint with a cantilevered platform 500 meters from the ground). The individual ticket will have a price of 12 euros and 5 euros respectively, with a 50% discount if the purchase package of the Tibetan Bridge and the Roc del Quer viewpoint is purchased.

The influx forecast in the first six months of opening of the Canillo Tibetan Bridge is around 75,000 visitors (from June to November). The bridge has a load capacity of 600 people simultaneously, although it is estimated that up to a maximum of 165 users per hour cross the bridge (about 60 at the same time). In this way, it is sought that visitors enjoy the experience in the best conditions. To access the River Valley footbridge, it is essential to use the bus service with departure and arrival from the town of Canillo.